Health Kits

Coming November 2020

Healthkits are solutions to specific problems. A collection of videos created by our team of physical therapists that provide awareness, tools, and progressions to reclaim optimal function. Healthkits will be offered with a guarantee that if the kit doesn't help you resolve your issue, you get a full refund. 

HealthKits available in November 2020:


Common causes of ankle pain, how to restore ankle mobility, training bulletproof ankles, resolving achilles pain, why ankle mobility is important, management of acute ankle injuries, measuring ankle mobility, relationship between hips and ankles, how foot function influences your ankle mobility.

Low back

Causes of low back pain, resolving pain, how sitting affects low back pain, building a resilient low back, lifting 101, preventing low back pain


Why is balance important? Trainability, starting a daily practice, methods of training balance, impact of balance on performance, detailed progression system for training balance


More to come with HealthKits as we continue developing and improving the offerings.