Health Kits

HealthKits are solutions to specific problems. A collection of videos and articles created by our team that provide awareness, tools, and progressions to reclaim optimal function.

Each HealthKits comes with an effectiveness guarantee. If you've put in the effort and the the kit didn't help improve your issue, we refund you for it. If it doesn't work, you don't pay. 


Foot & Ankle HealthKit


Some of the topics we cover in this HealthKit: What causes foot & ankle issues, what it means to take responsibility, a framework for solving injuries, how to work on your ankle mobility, understanding pain, developing resilient feet, how your hips control the arch of your foot, why hip stability protects ankles. 

First 3 videos of our Foot & Ankle HealthKit:

Video 1: Welcome

Video 2: Introduction

Video 3: Updating assumptions


Future releases:

Knee (Q2 '21)


Hip (Q3 '21)


Low back (Q3 '21)

Causes of low back pain, resolving pain, how sitting affects low back pain, building a resilient low back, lifting 101, preventing low back pain



Why is balance important? Trainability, starting a daily practice, methods of training balance, impact of balance on performance, detailed progression system for training balance


More to come with HealthKits as we continue developing and improving the offerings.