1:1 Help

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September 21

September 28


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Making progress on your health journey requires clarity. Knowing what to prioritize, how to implement changes and feeling confident in troubleshooting when things don't go as planned are key elements in your lifetime health process. 

Although only you can take responsibility for your health, speaking to someone who's further along in their process can sometimes help pave a clearer path when you get lost. 

1:1 help is about providing a framework for value transfer within our community where people who need help can connect with someone who can provide help.

Our team is creating a training program within beam tribe where any member can invest their energy into deepening their understanding when it comes to health and after a practice call to confirm their knowledge, can then offer help to other community members in need. 

Major elements covered within this training program include:

- Principles of behaviour design

- A systematic approach to helping people change

- How the environment affects our behaviour

- The 5 pillars of health

- Knowing the architecture and content within Beam Tribe

- Experiment design

- Empathic accountability

- Lifestyle change

$95 CAD price includes:

- Pre-session email outlining flow of the call, 3 questions to answer, link for the zoom call and login for beam tribe. 

- 45 minute zoom call with TFC Helper

- Post-session email which includes 10 links to Beam Tribe videos selected by your helper to help you gain traction, link to the recording of the zoom call, link to our 2 minute feedback survey

- Follow up calls are 30 min, $50 CAD, scheduled with helper


- Minimum daily commitment of 20 minutes a day

- Have a notebook with you do take notes during the session